Seasonal Tree Tips: Spring

With the arrival of Spring you can remove trunk protectors - bucks (male deer) are no longer rubbing trees with their antlers.  Begin watering (weather dependent)  - and remember that newly planted/relocated trees need to be watered for a minimum of two years to ensure survival.

Use judgment regarding watering.  If there is substantial rainfall, watering should be reduced—or don’t water at all.  If conditions are exceptionally hot, dry, or windy, the trees will transpire more, and the ground will dry faster, they will need more water.  Caution:  One of the most common causes of plant death is over watering.  You can literally “kill ‘em with kindness.”  So, be sensitive to weather conditions and water accordingly.  Please call us if you are unsure.

Spring is a good time to prune trees, plant new trees and relocate existing trees.  Transplanting trees on your property is a great way to avoid destroying nice trees that may have outgrown their current location or are in the way of an impending project.

If you're looking to add trees to your landscape, Spring is the perfect time to observe a wide variety of flowering and ornamental trees.   We can help you identify the trees you like and advise you on the trees that will best suit your needs.

American Treescapes would love to hear from you.   Questions?  Plans to plant or move trees in the spring?   Call us at 215-766-8733 any time.

Daniela Botterbusch